UCL Anthropology



Many graduates are successful in entering fully funded doctoral programmes based on their training and achievements on the programme. Our graduates also go on to work in the media (TV, radio, publishing), in NGOs (community development, nature conservation), government organisations (national statistics, health programmes), in zoos and museums (overseeing collections, co-ordination research), or become school teachers. Moreover, numerous alumni have become notable academics in their own right, teaching as permanent staff in universities across the globe.

Destinations of recent graduates:

  • Advisor at The Behavioural Insights Team
  • Senior Research Executive at Qa Research
  • Research Advisor at Founders Pledge
  • Researcher at the Polish Academy of Science
  • Project Executive at Research Now PLC
  • Policy Advisor at Department for Work and Pensions
  • Research Officer at the Home Office
  • Research Officer at the Office for National Statistics
  • Co-Founder of Education Survey and Analysis Platform
  • Assistant Scientist at the Environment Agency
  • Assistant Commissioning Editor at the Future Science Group
  • Senior Office Clerk at the House of Commons
  • Research and Performance Analyst at Peabody

In addition, many of our students are successful in go onto funded PhD programmes. See below for our graduates with notable academic careers.

Notable MSc HEB alumni with subsequent academic careers (graduation year):

Recent publications of MSc HEB theses research

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