UCL Anthropology


Ethnographic and Documentary Film (Practical) MA

About this degree

Students learn to tell stories in various documentary film modes; master the technical ‘craft’ skills needed to produce different kinds of documentary films of different lengths for varied audiences; critically view and review film material; draw on anthropological and social science approaches to documentary; think critically about the relationship between form and content in documentary film practice.

Who this course is for

We are looking for students who want to challenge the documentary form and find innovative ways to tell important stories that resonate with global audiences.

What this course will give you

This MA will allow you to benefit from UCL's unique position in London, at the centre of the UK creative industries. The programme uses professional film-makers to teach within a truly pan-disciplinary university research environment.

UCL houses London's global non-fiction film festival, Open City Documentary Festival. You will gain access to this festival, providing a unique opportunity to engage with the global creative non-fiction industry.

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