UCL Anthropology


Ethnographic and Documentary Film (Practical) MA

This unique MA programme is based within a university but run by leading film practitioners, ensuring that you receive the highest-quality practice-based learning. You have your own camera equipment throughout and we provide editing facilities.

About this degree

Students learn to tell stories in various documentary film modes; master the technical ‘craft’ skills needed to produce different kinds of documentary films of different lengths for varied audiences; critically view and review film material; draw on anthropological and social science approaches to documentary; think critically about the relationship between form and content in ethnographic and documentary practice.

Immersive Factual Storytelling is no longer a studio within Ethnographic and Documentary Film, but is now offered as a separate MA programme. If you would like to apply for the new Immersive Factual Storytelling MA programme, please follow this link.

Who this course is for:

We are looking for students who want to challenge the documentary form and find innovative ways to tell important stories that resonate with global audiences. This degree is well-suited to students who have little or no experience in making films but also provides the opportunity for those with experience to deepen and broaden the range of their work.


How do I submit my portfolio?

Please include a link to your portfolio in your application (e.g. in the personal statement).

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