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Testimonials Biosocial Medical Anthropology MSc

Find out from former Biosocial Medical Anthropology MSc students about their experience studying the degree and how it has helped their professional development.

UCL Anthropology - Catherine Borra - Biosocial Medical Anthropology MSc
Catherine Borra - Biosocial Medical Anthropology MSc, 2019-20
I came to it after years of work in healthcare, where I'd increasingly become interested in health problems that sat at the boundary between physical health, mental health and society. Having an academic background in both science and humanities, I was looking for a field that could accommodate both approaches - the scientific approach on one hand, and a more narrative one on the other.

Soc B doctoral training programme

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UCL Anthropology - Biosocial Medical Anthropology MSc - Evie Testimonial
Evie - Biosocial Medical Anthropology MSc, 2018-19
The course has proved to be fascinating and fun, and it has really challenged me to explore how the biological, the environmental, and the social combine and interact to impact health and wellbeing.  Each topic shed light on the benefits and opportunities of taking a biosocial perspective to understand the patterns and consequences of health and disease, particularly when considering health inequality.

Soc B doctoral training programme

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Harrison - Biosocial Medical Anthropology MSc Alumnus
Harrison - Biosocial Medical Anthropology MSc, 2019-20

Medical anthropology seemed like a good starting point, but this programme stuck out to me because of its emphasis on the intersection and overlap between the so-called "biological" and "social" aspects of medicine. 

For me, the programme's exceptional strengths lie in its curricular flexibility and the academic diversity of its instructors.

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Tiffany - Biosocial Medical Anthropology MSc Alumna
Tiffany - Biosocial Medical Anthropology MSc, 2019-20

The MSc in Biosocial Medical Anthropology has proven to be interdisciplinary, offering numerous career paths and research opportunities where applied anthropology can be an influential and necessary field. I recommend this programme to anyone interested in undertaking a challenging yet rewarding course in applied anthropology.

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