UCL Anthropology


Harrison - Biosocial Medical Anthropology MSc

25 November 2020

Harrison - Biosocial Medical Anthropology MSc Alumnus

My undergraduate degree was in Chinese and Pre-Medicine. After completing a research project on the culture of mask-wearing in China, I was looking for more opportunities to bridge the gap between the humanities and medicine. 

Medical anthropology seemed like a good starting point, but this programme stuck out to me because of its emphasis on the intersection and overlap between the so-called "biological" and "social" aspects of medicine. 

For me, the programme's exceptional strengths lie in its curricular flexibility and the academic diversity of its instructors. In this programme especially, we can tailor our module selections and research topics to align with our interests––which, in such an interdisciplinary programme, were diverse. Despite the breadth of interests and topics in the programme, there was never a lack of mentors or expertise.