UCL Anthropology


Anthropology and Professional Practice MSc

About this degree

Unique in the UK, our Anthropology and Professional Practice MSc provides you with comprehensive training in social and cultural anthropology with a specific focus on its relevance to professional practice in contemporary society.

Our mission is to help you develop your professional outlook and skill set through hands-on research-led anthropological training, allowing you to apply anthropological perspectives and insights in diverse professional fields. You will design, pitch and conduct your own projects, learning alongside industry experts.

Postgraduate open events

Meet Martin Holbraad and find out more about studying the Anthropology and Professional Practice MSc programme, from content, structure and entry requirements to life in the Department of Anthropology, career prospects and support and wellbeing provisions.


Who this course is for

The programme is suited equally well to those in employment seeking continuing professional development by adding anthropological perspectives and skills to their toolkit, and to students who wish to specialise in applying anthropological concepts and skills in professional practice.

What this course will give you

Designed to drastically enhance students’ skill-set and professional profile, the programme is distinctive in its outward-looking mission to explore and demonstrate the relevance of anthropological perspectives and insights to real-world problems and professional challenges.

The programme is taught by a team of world-leading experts with direct experience of adapting anthropological ways of thinking and problem-solving in diverse professional settings.

In addition to taking advantage of the diverse cross-overs between academia and the professional world that are at the heart of UCL East’s vision and operation, students on this programme will receive year-long support in developing their own career aspirations. Focused on our students’ employability, the programme offers bespoke support for in situ workplace research, providing students with regular input as well as individual mentorship from relevant industry experts.

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