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Reading and Research Groups

Our approximately 100 research students form a vital part of the intellectual life of the Anthropology Department at UCL. In addition to their relationship to individual supervisors, and as well as attending one or more of the Department's five weekly research seminars, research students are expected to participate in regular Reading and Research Groups (RRGs). Bringing students and staff together to exchange ideas on themes of mutual interest, our RRGs draw their membership from all parts of the Department, as well as welcoming participants from other UCL Departments and other London Colleges.

Conceived as open spaces for the exchange of ideas in groupings that cut across divides between Biological Anthropology, Material Culture Studies and Social Anthropology, the RRGs are designed also to enliven the collective intellectual life of the Department and the wider College by organising regular public events, such as workshops, conferences and debates. They are also intended as fora for the development of scholarly publications, as well as applications for the funding of collaborative research projects.

Below are listed the RRGs that will be running in the Department this year.  Further groups may emerge during the year, as research students and staff develop common interests in particular fields and directions in interaction with each other. If you wish to set up your own RRG (which you are more than welcome to do), please contact Martin Holbraad (m.holbraad@ucl.ac.uk), who is responsible for their co-ordination.

To join one or more RRGs you need to logon to the Departmental 'Moodle' system (http://moodle.ucl.ac.uk) and enrol in the corresponding Moodle module. Either search for the individual title in which you are interested, or search 'ANTH RRG' to view all of the options available. The same enrolment key, 'RRG', is needed to complete enrolment in each of the modules.

Some RRGs are open to Masters students, while others are restricted only to Research students. Masters students interested in joining a particular RRG are advised to consult the relevant RRG's description below and, where appropriate, contact the RRG's organiser(s) to inquire whether they can join. 

Current List of Groups