UCL Anthropology




#BEYONDconf, London, 21 December 2023


Generative AI and the Creative Industries: A Conversation

Chris Speed, Lara Carmona, Oliver Bown, Rachel Lyske

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Performing Critical AI I: feedback, noise, corpus, code

Cafe OTO, London, 27 November 2022


Feedback Cell featuring Ollie Bown

Alice Eldridge & Chris Kiefer (feedback cellos), Ollie Bown (CTRNNs)


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4 Boxes at Cafe OTO

Anna Xambó (live coder)


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Improvisation with/against Machine Learners

Owen Green (voice/laptop), Pierre Alexandre Tremblay (bass/laptop)


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Discussion with Anna Xambó, Owen Green, Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, Alice Eldridge, Chris Kiefer, and Ollie Bown, moderated by Christopher Howarth

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Performing Critical AI II: body, space, action, agency

IKLECTIK Art Lab, London, 29 November 2022


Prestidigitation for Percussion and 3D Electronics

Benjamin Soistier (Percussion), Aaron Einbond (Composition and Electronics)

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Auditory Distortion Synthesis

Christopher Haworth (live computer music)

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Discussion with Xenia Pestova, Artemi-Maria Gioti, Benjamin Soistier, Aaron Einbond, and Christopher Haworth, moderated by Ollie Bown