UCL Anthropology



The JOY Network beings together scholars from across the humanities and social sciences to examine the place, meaning and experience of joy in social life.

In addition to the lead investigator, Dr Joanna Cook (Anthropology), the network is supported by scholars in the UK and internationally, including Dr Ana Carolina Barreto Balthazar, Dr Josuah Brahinski (Berkley), Dr Dalia Iskander (UCL), Professor James Laidlaw (Cambridge), Dr Iza Kavedzja (Cambridge), Dr Jo Krishnakumar (SOAS), Professor Tanya Luhrmann (Stanford), Professor Joel Robbins (Cambridge), Dr Hikari Sandhu (Tokyo), Dr Matan Shapiro (KCL), Dr Ben Theobald (UCL), Dr Dan White (Hawaii).

If you are interested in joining the JOY Network, please contact Dr Joanna Cook.