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Negotiating for gender equality in biodiversity conservation

A conversation with Prudence Galega

In this podcast, we speak with Prudence Tangham Galega about women’s role in conservation, and her advocacy for over a decade in protecting women’s rights to benefit equally from nature.

As Cameroon's National Focal Point for the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and coordinator for the Africa region in the CBD negotiations, she gives us an insider’s view on the consideration of gender equality in the negotiation of a new global framework for biodiversity. Prudence, in her insights, draws substantively from her long standing experience in global and national environmental policy-making, including as a Policy Advisor and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Environment, Cameroon.

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If you’d like to learn more about why gender matters for biodiversity conservation, and how to support gender equality in conservation policy and practice, check out the IIED/UCL policy brief on ‘Why gender matters for biodiversity conservation’.


  • Many thanks to our guest, Prudence Tangham Galega
  • Hosted by: Dr Marie-Annick Moreau, Lecturer (Teaching) in Human Ecology & Environmental Anthropology, UCL Anthropology
  • Produced by: Dr Moreau and Dr Emily Woodhouse, Associate Professor in Environmental Anthropology, UCL Anthropology
  • Editing and mixing by Suzie McCarthy, UCL graduate.
  • Thank you to Laurence Avis for additional technical support.

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