UCL Anthropology


Rosalyn Bold

Research Associate
Centre for the Anthropology of Sustainability

PhD in Social Anthropology, University of Manchester, 2016
Landscapes of Alterity: Climate change in contemporary Bolivia.

MA Latin American Studies, Institute of Latin American Studies, University of Liverpool, 2006.

BA Social Anthropology, Cambridge University, 2004

Research Interests

My work creates a cosmopolitics of climate change. I am currently editing a collected volume of indigenous perspectives of climate change from across the Americas, entitled 'Climate change: the end of the World?' exploring contemporary mythologies of world ending, contrasting current temporalities and considering indigenous conceptions of causes of climate change as well strategies for mitigation. I aim to create cross-cultural conversations, and engage with the wider public.

I compare conceptions of climate change current in my fieldsite in Kaata, 3600m above sea level on the Eastern flank of the Bolivian Andes, with the upstream (inter)national level, exploring how the community engages with the wider world  through environmental advocacy and social movements. I explore alterity, extractivism, and alternatives to 'development'.


Bold, R. 2017. 'Vivir Bien: a study in alterity', Latin American and Caribbean Ethnic Studies, 12:2, pp. 113-132;


The Wrong Pachakuti: Contrasting ontologies in contemporary Bolivia.

'Indios de Arco y Flecha: Ethnic Alterity and Extractive Economies in the Andes'.

Climate change: the 'end of the world'? Constructing a Cosmopolitics of Climate Change.