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Nico Tassi

Nico Tassi

Email: nico.tassi@ucl.ac.uk,


Research Associate

PhD in Social Anthropology UCL (2008)

Research Interests

My work is dedicated to understanding the connection between Bolivian indigenous highlanders with modernity, the nation and the market. In my most recent publications I explore the market economy of urban Aymaras in La Paz and El Alto outlining one of the most successful examples of indigenous entrepreneurship in the region and focusing on the relation between economic practice and religious beliefs, indigenous organizations and globalization. Currently, I am a member of the research team CARP (Comparative Anthropologies of Revolutionary Politics) doing research on indigenous forms of political participation in Bolivia's 'process of change'.

Selected Publications

TASSI N. The Native World-System. An Ethnography of Bolivian Aymara Traders in the Global Economy. Oxford University Press. 2016

Arbona JM, M.E. Canedo, C. Medeiros and N. TASSI. El proceso de cambio popular: un tejido político con anclaje país. La Paz: CIS. 2016

TASSI N. & Espirito Santo, D. (eds.). Making Spirits. Materiality and Transcendence in Contemporary Religion. London and New York: IB Tauris. 2013

TASSI N., Carmen Medeiros, Antonio Rodríguez-Carmona & Giovana Ferrufino. 'Hacer plata sin plata'. El desborde de los comerciantes populares en Bolivia. La Paz: PIEB. 2013

TASSI N. 'Dancing the image'. Materiality and spirituality in Andean religious images. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 2012: 18, 285-310

TASSI N. La otra cara del mercado. Economías populares en la arena global. La Paz: ISEAT. 2012

TASSI, N. The Postulate of Abundance. Cholo Market and Religion in La Paz Bolivia. Social Anthropology/Anthropologie Sociale. 2010; 18 (2).