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Roland Littlewood

Roland Littlewood

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PhD, Social Anthropology
University of Oxford, 1987

Professor of Anthropology and Psychiatry
Department of Anthropology and Department of Mental Health Sciences

General Interests

Medical and social anthropology of the Caribbean (Trinidad, Haiti), Albania and Britain

Current Research

One book on religion and medical anthropology, one on Western psychiatry, both in press.

Papers in press on Druze and north Albania.

Current PhD Students

David Orr (2006 - 2009)
Ursula Read (2006-2009)
Flavia Leite Dias (2005 - Present)
Dafne Accoroni (2004 - Present)
Diana Espirito Santo (2004 - Present)
Eirini Kampriani (2004 - Present)
Marika Ezure (2003-Present)
Graham Bull (2003-Present)
Jane Derges (2002-Present)
Katayoun Medhat ( 2002-Present)
David Barker  (2000-Present)
Mark Marchetto(2000-Present ; Department of Psychiatry & Behavioural Sciences)

Recent PhD Students

Elena Von Lukowitz(2005)
My Work is More Mental Than Medical": The Mapuche Machi of Santiago de Chile

Susie Kilshaw (2004)
Impotent Warriors: The emergence, construction, and moulding of Gulf War Syndrome

William Redwood (2003)
Spiral Bound: Spatialites and Selves in Comtemporary Magick

Alyson Callan (2003)
Mental Illness, Medical Pluralism and Islamism in Sylhet, Bangladesh

Charles Whitehead (2003)
Social Mirrors and the Brain

Mike Poltorak (2003)
Aspersions of Agency: Ghosts, Love and Sickness in Tonga

Melissa Nash (2002)
The 'Arts' As Cultural Intervention For People With Learning Disabilities: A Voluntary Sector 'Community' Initiative In South-East London

Rahman Haghighat (2001)
(Department of Psychiatry & Behavioural Sciences)

Sushrut Jadhav (1999)
(Department of Psychiatry & Behavioural Sciences)

Simon Dein (1999)
Letters to the Rebbe: Religion & Healing Among the Lubavitch of Stamford Hill