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Annabelle Louise Lockey

Annabelle Louise Lockey


PhD Diet and Physiogical Stresses in Paleolithic non-adults. Paleoanthropology group, University of Tuebingen. 

MSc Palaeoanthropology and Palaeoarchaeology. University College London.

Bsc Biological Anthropology. University of Kent 2012-2016 (Year aboard, University of Calgary 2014-2015. )

Academic Positions

2017-2018. Honorary research assistant, Anthropology, University College London.

Research Interests

My primary research interests centers around primate dental evolution in relation to variation, ontogeny and functional wear, specifically within the hominin lineage. My previous research has focused on utilizing micro-CT data to analysis dental traits to characterize hominins and to contribute to discussions concerning phylogeny. I have worked with African material from several sites within the Pliocene, also Sime de los Huesos and Boxgrove dental material.

I am also interested in the ethics surrounding digital data.

Other information and publication record