UCL Anthropology


Anthropolitan 2.0

14 December 2016

We are pleased to announce that our departmental magazine Anthropolitan will be upgraded to Anthropolitan 2.0 in the coming weeks. This not only means that there will be an enhanced and comprehensive online presence of the magazine - on a central dedicated website as well as social media platforms - but also that students and staff in the department will have more opportunities to get involved in promoting UCL Anthropology, raising awareness of anthropology globally. We are currently looking for student volunteers to help facilitate this process. It requires passion, some reporting and story-telling skills, as well as basic digital competence to be an editor. And our editorial team will be rewarded for their work. 

Student Editor Committee (SEC) 

A UCL Anthropology 'Student Editor Committee' (SEC) will be set up in early 2017 for this purpose, and all students are welcome to register with us to become a member. With short articles, blog posts, photo competitions, video interviews, and other activities, the Student Editor Committee will aim to report on three categories of UCL anthropology-related content:

  • Interesting teaching events - e.g. lectures, seminars, reading groups, and other anthropology-related activities;
  • Exciting research led by the department - e.g. interesting anthropological papers, books, film screenings, events, ideas, and concepts;
  • Interviews with UCL Anthropology professors, lecturers, teaching and research fellows, and visiting scholars, as well as alumni and fellow students.

Blog articles and other multimedia outputs will be published in Anthropolitan online, and disseminated via our various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, WeChat).

What are the benefits of membership? 

At the end of the academic year, committee members who have produced five published reports will be awarded the official certificate of the 'UCL Anthropology Student Editor Committee'. Membership also gives you the chance to publish in Anthropolitan online, which will help kick-start your career as a publishing anthropologist. 

The three best editors will be selected by the committee to be awarded the 'Best Editor' certificate. This certification will be officially recognised by the Department of Anthropology, and can be listed on your CV. 

Welcome Event: Soft Launch 

For more information please come to join our soft launch event on Wednesday 18th January 2017 at 1-2pm in the Student Common Room. Drinks and snacks will be provided. 

You can register with us at the soft launch event, or via email now at l.daly@ucl.ac.uk.