UCL Anthropology


Six Postgraduate Teaching Assistants required: Monday June 2nd- Friday June 13th

23 April 2014


Would you like to earn £700+ helping run the 'People and the Sea' Global Citizenship Programme, hosted by UCL Anthropology and running for its second year. For more information of the programme go to


The course, aimed at getting first year undergraduate students from across the University to "put their studies into a global context, learn new skills and see the world differently", is a mix of lectures, skill sessions and self-led student project work and the outcomes will include an exhibition, short films and a RIO +20 type summit.

Job description

Your role would be to help one group of students (up to 15 people) through the programme. Each group will be finding out about and then representing one of six countries (all with significant coastlines) at the end of the course. You would

  • attend the lectures and skills sessions,
  • help the students practise the skills they are learning (using InDesign, film-making, making posters etc.)
  • and assist them where necessary in their project work (producing material for the exhibition and the 'summit' at the end of the course)

Hours: 50 hours @ £14.64/hr


The posts are open to postgraduates from across the UCL Anthropology department (academic contributions are coming from across the department).


  • The ability to energise a group of first year students, create group cohesion and, along with myself and others teaching on the course, keep them motivated and actively engaging with the programme.
  • Available throughout the entire period 2nd - 13th June between 10am- 4pm
  • Experience of small group teaching

Desirable (but by no means essential)

  • Knowledge of and/or interest in environmental issues and/or the countries being represented (India, Japan, Spain, Ghana, Fiji, Brazil)
  • Knowledge of InDesign software
  • Exhibition experience

To express an interest please send a CV and/or supporting statement to Caroline Garaway (c.garaway@ucl.ac.uk) by the end of Monday 5th May.