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Flourishing Diversity Series

07 September 2019–11 September 2019, 9:00 am–7:00 pm

Flourishing Diversity Series

A series of events across London that build collaboration and help us to see what we can all do to better live in harmony with the delicate systems of this planet, our only home.

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Flourishing Diversity


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Beginning on Saturday September 7th 2019 the Gaia Spirit Movement invites Londoners to contemplate our Earth System in a colourful walking, running or paddling movement along the River Thames – London’s lifeblood. Opened ceremonially by our visiting elders, movers are invited to contemplate what future they wish for Gaia and her multitudinous offspring – humans included. Change begins with a vision of the world we want to bring about. The Gaia Spirit Movement is an invitation to all to engage in imagining this future. The Arhuaco Mamos from Colombia will ceremoniously close the movement at the 0:0 meridian in Greenwich Park at sunset.

On Sunday night the Arhuaco Mamos will give the first Listening Session at the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park – offering their wisdom and understanding of the Earth System and the fabric of life to help guide us in visioning the future we must co-create.

During the day from Monday to Wednesday the Flourishing Diversity Summit provides a series of talks, Q&A sessions, panel discussions and workshops led by our indigenous representatives to explore the sacredness of land (first day); the importance of listening to Mother Earth (second day); and of building effective alliances to support indigenous Territories of Life in their resistance against life damaging commercial and industrial activities, and on how to support participants’ visions of a viable future for all species on the third day.

Each evening of the Summit will feature indigenous representatives providing a Listening Session: Monday the Ju/’huon elder Tsamkxao will talk at the Conduit Club. On Tuesday we have two listening Sessions: the Mother Earth Listening Session at the Ismaili Centre London where indigenous grandmothers and their next generation representatives will share their understanding of how each of us can better listen to Mother Earth and her needs. Later that evening, at the Zoological Society of London two very different Indian cultures will share their approaches to maintaining human - other species relations with remarkable success. The final Listening Session on Wednesday 11th September will feature the Ashaninka and Guarani of Brazil discussing the importance of territory and legal recognition of indigenous land rights in the fight against the damage industrial and commercial expansion does to the multi-species relations they hold dear.

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