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Munkh-Erdene Gantulga

Munkh-Erdene Gantulga is a lecturer at the Department of Humanities, Mongolian University of Science and Technology. He received his BA and MA degrees in social and cultural anthropology from Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, National University of Mongolia in 2008 and 2010 respectively. He has been carrying out field research in several provinces of Mongolia since 2007. Based on his fieldwork, he published a monograph: 'Are You Getting Loaded? Ninjas, Their Organization and Livelihood', chapter in a book: 'Mongolians after Socialism', and edited Mongolian version of a book titled 'Dangerous Fortunes: An anthropological study of the Mongolian Informal Gold Mining Economy' written by Dr. Mette High.

His research interest focuses on social life of ninja miners (artisanal miners), nationalism, globalization and issues of development, mining in Mongolia.

Email: gmunkherdene@gmail.com