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Coursework Extensions

Extenuating Circumstances

(Please note non-anth students should submit the form to their home Department, not to Anthropology Department)

UCL has an Extenuating Circumstances Policy which is intended to ensure that students are not unfairly disadvantaged by unexpected circumstances beyond their control which may affect performance in assessment.

Note: The Extenuating Circumstances Policy applies only to short-term, unexpected circumstances. Long-term, chronic conditions and disabilities are covered by UCL's Support to Study Policy and Fitness to Study Procedure. If you have a disability or medical condition that you feel might impact on your ability to perform in exams you can apply for special examination arrangements. See the Student Disability website for further information. The application form is available from Student Disability Services or from the UCL Examinations Office in Registry and Academic Services.

As a student, you are responsible for making known any circumstances, which may affect your performance at assessment in good time for them to be considered by the appropriate body. If not, you will be considered as declaring yourself fit to sit the assessment concerned.

You must notify the Anthropology Department, no matter which department teaches the module(s) concerned, using the UCL Anthropology Student Extenuating Circumstances Moodle page.

You are expected to submit your EC claim within one week. Meeting this deadline is important: UCL will only consider late applications if it can be shown that ongoing circumstances meant that the student was ‘unable’ to file a timely application as it was ‘impossible’ to do so. UCL enforces these conditions and rejects late applications that do not meet these criteria. Unless it is genuinely impossible to do so, it is therefore imperative to submit the EC form on time. Students should not wait for the supporting evidence to become available before submitting their EC claim; supporting evidence can be submitted once available and added to the same submission box on Moodle.

When submitting your claim please rename the file as “StudentName_Module code(s)” i.e. JoeBloggs ANTH0001-ANTH0002.docx

NOTE: Course Tutors, Personal Tutors, Teaching Assistants can not authorise extensions. If students ask for extensions, they must be referred to Undergraduate Coordinator/Postgraduate Taught Programmes Officer/Film course Coordinator.

Any late submissions beyond the extended deadline will incur the usual late submission penalties (Please see the UCL Academic Manual, Chapter 4, section 3.12).