UCL Anthropology


Mariam Mohamed - Anthropology, Environment and Development MSc

27 November 2019

Mariam Mohamed AED MSc Alumna

MSC in AED 2016 - 2017, Local narratives and responses to climate change amongst smallholder farmers in Cherangany, Kenya

After completing the AED programme I worked for 6 months as a research, analysis and policy intern with NESTA, an innovation agency, working on social innovation projects as part of the international team. The strong focus on research and writing skills definitely helped me get this job. Since the internship, I spent a year and a half travelling around South America working on various environmental projects like permaculture and bioconstruction. For me, the AED programme was my first step into becoming an environmentalist, and I am now currently studying to become a clinical herbal medicine practitioner with the Betonica School.