UCL Anthropology


Young Curators Programme

A six-week after-school club for students in Years 10-13 starts Thursday 6th June

Everyone has stuff: stuff we wear, the phones we use, things we carry with us that are special to us. Would your students like to take part in a club where we explore objects like these and the stories around them, discovering what different people around the world use and treasure, cook with, fight with, love with. 

Ethnography collections are museum collections of daily-life objects from many cultures. We're looking for 10-15 students from Years 10-13 who'd like to investigate UCL's collection and put together an online exhibition. We have lots of keen staff and students who will guide and help your students get the most out of the club, and there's plenty of time to ask them about university life too. The club is held at UCL's Anthropology Department on Taviton Street and we can visit school at least once during the 6 sessions.

Here's a link to a blog written by last year's students at Harris Invictus Academy: UCL Young Curators 2018.
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I enjoyed this workshop because every week there was something different and I enjoyed all the different activities and different people coming every week.
We enjoyed the fact that we were able to develop our ideas and understanding.

- Students' feedback