UCL Anthropology


Anthropology Society

The Anthropology Society at UCL aims to engage all social beings with a common interest in Anthropology. We are dedicated to promoting an interdisciplinary dialogue within the department, expanding anthropological horizons for students and making anthropology more accessible. We are an all inclusive society run by and for students in the Anthropology department.

Anth Soc events provide networking opportunities for students to connect with staff, graduate students, and alumni. We organise termly debates bringing together faculty and students from the different disciplines within anthropology. As well as this, our anthropological agenda includes promoting events outside of the department, such as socials, lectures, and debates. When the academic work takes it toll, Anth Soc provides the students with termly social gatherings and an annual Anthropology Ball.

As part of our society, members are provided with a plethora of opportunities in areas such as event organisation, academic writing for the departmental magazine 'Anthropolitan', journalism, photography, and advertising.

Whether we are in a lecture theatre, a ballroom, or a pub, Anth Soc is committed to engaging and entertaining all those that share our love of anthropology.