UCL Anthropocene



Our virtual curriculum below collates courses from across the Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences that address the critical realities of the Anthropocene.

If you are interested in taking one of the below courses/modules or using it to help design a personalized course on the Anthropocene within your current programme allowances, please use the relevant contact below for further information and availability. You can also find further information via the UCL Module catalogue.

This list will be updated regularly.


MSc Anthropology, Ecology and DevelopmentPostgraduateMarie-Annick Moreau
ANTH0021: Hunter-gatherers: past, present and futureUndergraduateThis module is open to students on BSc Anthropology, BSc Anthropology with a Year Abroad and students from other departments.Jerome Lewis
ANTH0065: Fishers and Fisheries: Anthropology, Aquatic Resources and DevelopmentUndergraduateThis module is open to all undergraduate students including full-year affiliates.Caroline Garaway
ANTH0066: Anthropologies of Science, Society and Biomedicine

Undergraduate & Postgraduate

Open to UG students on BSc Anthropology, BSc Anthropology with a Year Abroad and students from other departments who have taken ANTH0182 Medical Anthropology as a pre-requisite or equivalent background knowledge. Open to all postgraduate students.Sahra Gibbon

ANTH0100: Health, Environment and Biosocial Anthropology

PostgraduateThis module is open to students on any Masters programme at UCL.Sahra Gibbon
ANTH0102: Ecology of Human GroupsPostgraduateCore option for students on MSc Anthropology, Environment and Development. Open to all students on other Masters programmes in Anthropology. Other Masters students from Natural Sciences and Social Sciences also welcome.Katherine Homewood
ANTH0105: Resource Use and ImpactsPostgraduateThis module is compulsory and open to students on MSc Anthropology, Environment and Development only.Katherine Homewood



MSc Environmental Archaeology (N.B. not being offered in 2020/21)

PostgraduateManuel Arroyo-Kalin and Dorian Fuller 
ARCL0077: Archaeology in the WorldUndergraduateOnly available to students enrolled on undergraduate degrees at the Institute of Archaeology.Miljana Radivojevic
ARCL0010: Introduction to ArchaeologyUndergraduateN/AAndrew Reynolds
ARCL0002/14 World ArchaeologyUndergraduate N/AKevin Macdonald
ARCLG187: Resources and SubsistencePostgraduate  
ARCL0121: Cultural MemoryPostgraduateThere is a strict limit on the numbers that can be accommodated on this moduleBeverley Butler

ARCL0097: Geoarchaeology (N.B. not being offered in 2020/21)

PostgraduatePlease check with the module organiser that you have sufficient background for this module.Yijie Zhuang
ARCL0096: Archaeobotanical Analysis in PracticePostgraduateStudents should check with the tutor that they have sufficient background knowledge for this module.Dorian Fuller
ARCL0149: Critical Perspectives on Cultural HeritagePostgraduateThis is a Core Module for the MA in Cultural Heritage Studies. There is a limit on numbers for this module.Beverley Butler
ARCL0152 Archaeologies of AsiaPostgraduateN/AYijie Zhuang


ECON0028 The Economics of GrowthUndergraduateSuitable for: Final year Economics (L100/L101/L102) students. Also available to final year Econ/Geog (LL17) & Phil/Econ (VL51) students. Prerequisites: students must have taken ECON0013 and ECON0016 (or equivalents).Economics UG Team


HIST0399: Emergency History: A Natural History of Humanity for the PresentUndergraduateOptional module for 2nd-4th year students.History UG Team
HIST0089: Mountains and FrontiersUndergraduateRresearch semina for all History Undergraduate second year students. Not open to Affiliate students, or History department first or third years.History UG Team
HIST0512/HIST0513: The Medieval Universe (not being taught 20/21)Undergraduate1st-2nd year survey module.History UG Team
HIST0103/HIST0317: Identity, Cosmology and the Supernatural (not being taught 20/21)UndergraduateFinal year special subject.History UG Team
HIST0088/HIST0123: The Disunited States: Contested Visions of America, 1775-1860Undergraduate2nd-4th year thematic module.History UG Team
HIST0068: Nations, Empires, and Homelands: Key Themes in Nineteenth-century Native American HistoryPostgraduateN/AHistory PG Team

History of Art

HART0080: Changes in the Landscape: Empire, Industry, EnvironmentUndergraduateThis module is available to final year undergraduate students taking BA History of Art or BA History of Art and Material Studies. Also, final year students in the School of European Languages and Cultures (SELCS) who are taking a combined honours degree which includes History of Art in the title, and final year combined honours students taking BA Philosophy and History of Art.Nicholas Robbins
HART0081: ‘Art and Science in Britain, 1750–1900UndergraduateN/ANicholas Robbins



GEOG0008: Environmental ChangeUndergraduateThis module is only available to Geography undergraduate students.Geography Office
GEOG0052: PalaeoclimatologyUndergraduateN/AGeography Office
GEOG0014: Geography in the fieldUndergraduateThis module is only available to full time undergraduate students in the Geography department.Geography Office
GEOG0034 Coastal GeohazardsUndergraduate & PostgraduateThis module is only available to full time year 3 Geography undergraduate students and Geography MSc students.Geography Office
GEOG0007: Human EcologyUndergraduateN/AGeography Office
GEOG0062: Urban Political EcologyUndergraduateN/AGeography Office
GEOG0021: Reconstructing Past EnvironmentsUndergraduateN/AGeography Office
GEOG0083 The Politics of Climate ChangePostgraduateN/AGeography Office
GEOG0120: Past ClimatesPostgraduateThis module is available to MSc Climate Change students only.Geography Office
GEOG0122: Biological Indicators of Environmental ChangePostgraduateThis module is only available to Geography MSc students.Geography Office
GEOG0123: Climate proxiesPostgraduateN/AGeography Office
GEOG0073: Environmental KnowledgesPostgraduateThis module is for MSc Environment, Politics and Society only.Geography Office

Political Science

POLS0099: Politics of NatureUndergraduateN/ACathy Elliott
PUBL0041: International Peace and SecurityPostgraduateOnly open to MSc Security Studies students in the Department of Political Science.Nils Metternich
PUBL0061: Global GovernancePostgraduateN/A

Politcal Science Team

School of European Languages, Culture and Society

SCAN0044: Nordic LandscapesUndergraduateThis module is open for anyone at UCL, from intermediate levelAnnika Lindskog
SCAN0071: Nordic LandscapesPostgraduateN/A

Annika Lindskog

CMII0152: Environment, Ecology and Contemporary CulturePostgraduateN/ADeborah Martin