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UCL Anthropocene Chemical Exposures group on Hampstead Heath

Creating synergies for collaboration at Anthropocene's Chemical Exposures workshop

Professor Andrew Barry, Professor Sahra Gibbon, Dr Emilie Glazer, Lucy Sabin

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Learning from Indigenous ecologies in the era of the Anthropocene

Dr Olivia Arigho Stiles and Dr Adriana Suarez Delucchi

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Project spotlight

Writers of the Anthropocene 

Click here to catch up with recordings from our seminar series investigating how different literary genres explore the Anthropocene, with speakers including Pola Oloixarac, Amitav Ghosh and David Wengrow.

Anthropocene Histories

Click here to find out more about our seminar partnership with the Institute of Historical Research on topics such as ‘What should historians do in the next decade of the climate crisis?’ and ‘Teaching environmental history & the Anthropocene: challenges and possibilities’.