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Writers of the Anthropocene

Writers of the Anthropocene is a new series of events in which we invite speakers to discuss the Anthropocene through the lens of their writing and writing practices

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Our new seminar series ‘Writers of the Anthropocene’ looks at the Anthropocene through the lens of different literary genres across ‘cli-fi’, non-fictional prose, poetry, science writing, literary fiction and more.  

Hosted jointly with the Institute of Advanced Studies, the series is co-convened by Professor Florian Mussgnug (SELCS) and Professor John Sabapathy (History), with colleagues across the Social and Historical Sciences and Arts and Humanities in conversation with writers about what insights particular genres enable, and how they transgress and develop new approaches to discussing the Anthropocene.  

Our upcoming events are:

7th June 2022: "Between Two Futures": Jessie Greengrass on Literature in the Anthropocenein conversation with Dr Lara Choksey and Professor Florian Mussgnug (in collaboration with the Faculty of Arts and Humanities 'Quo Vadis' festival) 

16th June 2022: The Nutmeg’s Curse and The Dawn of Everything: a discussion with Amitav Ghosh and David Wengrow (part of UCL Anthropocene's Dawn of Everything event)

Information and booking links will be updated

Previous events include:

Pola Oloixarac in conversation with Dr Emily Baker

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Gorgeous Pollution: Tom McCarthy in conversation with Dr Julia Jordan