UCL Anthropocene


Professor Jonathan Holmes

Academic position: Professor and Director of the Environmental Change Research Centre

Department: Geography

Telephone number: 0207 679 0559

Email: j.holmes@ucl.ac.uk



My research is concerned with the reconstruction and understanding of late Pleistocene and Holocene environments, abrupt climate change, human–climate interactions and data–model comparisons. I have specific expertise in the geochemical and micropalaeontological analyses of lake-sediments and have worked in northern India, China, West Africa, the Caribbean and Europe.

Research Projects:

  • Climate variability over the circum-Caribbean region during the past 1200 years from oxygen-isotope analyses of lake sediments (NERC)

  • Detecting Change in Local Ponds (Royal Society Partnership Grant)

  • Recent publications relevant to the Anthropocene 

  • Roberts, LR, Sayer, CD, Hoare, D, Tomlinson, M, Holmes, JA, Horne, DJ, Kelly, A. (2019) The role of monitoring, documentary and archival records for coastal shallow lake management. Geo: Geography and Environment, 6 (2) , Article e00083. 

  • Burn, M. J., Holmes, J. A., Kennedy, L. M., Bain, A., Marshall, J. D.,  Perdikaris, S. (2016) A sediment-based reconstruction of Caribbean effective precipitation during the ‘Little Ice Age’ from Freshwater Pond, Barbuda. The Holocene 26, 1237-1247.

  • Jones, M. D., Djamali, M., Holmes, J., Weeks, J. L., Leng, M. J., Lashkari, A., Alamdari, K., Noorollahi, D., Thomas, L.,  Metcalfe, S. E. (2015) Human impact on the hydroenvironment of Lake Parishan, SW Iran, through the late-Holocene.  The Holocene, 25, 1651-1661.


GEOG0052: Palaeoclimatology (Co-convenor) 

GEOG0021: Reconstructing Past Environments (Contributor)   

GEOG0008: Environmental Change (Convenor) 

GEOG0014: Geography in the field (Co-convenor)

GEOG0120: Past Climates (Contributor)   

GEOG0122: Biological Indicators of Environmental Change (Contributor)   

GEOG0123: Climate proxies (Convenor)