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Agis Papageorgiou

Interventionism and Ideology: Greco-American Relations from 1947 to 1974 and their Historical Memory


Dr Tony McCulloch and Dr Nadia Hilliard

This research project primarily explores Cold War American interventionism in Greece through a theoretical framework based on a crossover of American Exceptionalism and IR theory. In more specific terms, the project analyzes the US’ foreign policy endeavors in Greece starting with the Greek Civil War, and considers the objectives, the scope, and the outcomes of American foreign policymaking, while drawing comparisons with several other interventions in Latin America, Europe, and beyond.

The project assesses the impact of interventionism on the Greek public opinion in thymotic terms, emphasizing on the historical memory of Washington's interference in Greek affairs; more broadly, this thesis seeks to situate Greece as a unique case study within the history of American interventionism, while discussing the influence of ideology within international anarchy.

Finally, this thesis explores the role of weak states in a context of Great Power competition, highlighting the often-impossible dilemma between balancing and bandwagoning – and its correlation with the rise of an independist national conscience as a result.


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