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Dr Tony McCulloch

Dr Tony McCulloch


Associate Professor in North American Studies

Programme Director: Canadian Studies


Tony McCulloch joined the UCL Institute of the Americas in September 2012 as a Senior Fellow in North American Studies. Prior to arriving at UCL-IA he had worked at several universities in the UK including Middlesex, Hertfordshire and Canterbury Christ Church where he was Head of History and American Studies. He still lives in Canterbury although he is a Londoner by birth.

He undertook his BA in Medieval and Modern History at the University of London, specialising in American history at UCL. Awarded the Derby Studentship (for the highest 1st class degree in History) he undertook an MPhil in American history at UCL before becoming the Alfred Light Scholar in American Studies at St Catherine's College, Oxford, where he specialised in the foreign policy of Franklin Roosevelt and gained a DPhil in Politics and International Relations. He also has a PGCE teaching qualification in History and Politics from the Institute of Education, London.

He is a member of the American Politics Group of the Political Studies Association, and a former Secretary of the Transatlantic Studies Association as well as being the current President of the British Association for Canadian Studies. He has been a regular commentator on Canadian issues in the media including BBC TV , Sky NewsRadio Kent, and CBC Radio.

Research Summary

Tony McCulloch's academic interests lie chiefly within the field of US foreign policy, especially the ‘special relationship’ with Britain and the 'other special relationship' between the US and Canada. Together with the less studied Canada-UK relationship, these make up the ‘North Atlantic Triangle’. More specifically, much of his research and writing has focused on the foreign policy of Franklin Roosevelt and its significance for Anglo-American relations and for international relations more generally. His recent book, Tacit Alliance, on FDR and the origins of the Anglo-American ‘special relationship’, 1937-1939, will be followed by another book, Bombshell Diplomacy, on Anglo-American relations during Roosevelt’s first term, 1933-1937. He is also working on a biography of the British politician, Walter Runciman, best known for his mission to Prague in 1938 to try to prevent the outbreak of war with Germany over Czechoslovakia. As well as these monographs, Dr McCulloch is editing a book on 1968 in the Americas with Dr Kate Quinn. He is also the editor of the London Journal of Canadian Studies, published by UCL Press, and a member of the editorial boards of the British Journal of Canadian Studies and the International Journal of Canadian Studies. Finally, he is a member of the editorial board of the Modern Americas book series, published by UCL Press.

Teaching Summary

Tony McCulloch currently teaches US foreign policy at graduate level and supervises research in the field of US and Canadian politics and foreign policy.

Post Graduate Taught:

AMER0010: Politics of US Foreign Policy

AMER0012: Post-Cold War US Foreign Policy

Research Supervision:

Dr McCulloch supervises research students in the field of US and Canadian politics and foreign policy. He is particularly interested in hearing from students who wish to conduct research in the areas of US-UK or Canada-UK relations since 1865.

Current PhD students:

Muhamad Agush, 'The Turkish Question Revisited: US-EU Relations with Turkey Since 9/11' | primary supervisor

Francesca Akhtar, 'The Pentagon's Spies: A Critical History of the Defence Intelligence Agency, from JFK to Trump' | primary supervisor

Christopher Hoekstra, 'US Special Operations in South Vietnam, 1954-65' | primary supervisor

Mallory Horrill, 'Victorian Image of Canada: English Gentlewomen and their Perceptions of Canada, 1830-1900' | primary supervisor

Midou Tian, 'Promoting Peace? US Soft Power Towards China, 1989-2016' | primary supervisor

Completed PhDs:

Alin Barbantan, 'Free-Riding in the Far East: the impact of burden-sharing on US hegemony' | primary supervisor

Sailin Li, 'Anglo-American Relations and Arms Sales to China (1972-1989)' | primary supervisor

Agisilaos Papageorgiou, 'Interventionism and Ideology: Greco-American Relations from 1947 to 1974 and their Historical Memory' | primary supervisor

Morgan Baker, 'Regulations or Delegations?: How Congress Delegated Its War Powers to the President Through Discretionary AUMFs' | (2020) | 2nd supervisor

Maximilian Hoell, 'What role for Washington? US hegemony and the diversification of Latin American international relations' | (2019) | 2nd supervisor

Quintijn Kat, 'On the Basis of Consent: Subordinate-state Agency and the US Hegemony in Latin America,1990-2010' | (2020) | 2nd supervisor

Neil Kinghan, 'A brief moment in the sun: Francis Cardozo and Reconstruction in South Carolina' | (2019) | 2nd supervisor

Anthony Teitler, 'Title US Policy towards Afghanistan, 1979-2014: A Case Study of Constructivism in International Relations' | (2018) | 2nd supervisor 



Books and edited journals

Tony McCulloch, Tacit Alliance: Franklin Roosevelt and the Anglo-American Special Relationship before Churchill, 1937-1939 (Edinburgh University Press, 2021)

Tony McCulloch and Christopher Kirkey (eds), 'New Voices on Canada', British Journal of Canadian Studies, vol. 28.2 (Liverpool University Press, 2015)

Tony McCulloch (ed), 'War and Peace in Canadian History, 1909-2009', British Journal of Canadian Studies, vol. 23.2 (Liverpool University Press, 2010)

Tony McCulloch, 'The Canadian Papers of the 4th Earl of Minto, 1845-1914', British Records on the Atlantic World, 1700-1900 (Microform Publishing, 2009)

Tony McCulloch (ed), 'Canada and the Transatlantic World', Journal of Transatlantic Studies, vol. 6.1 (Edinburgh University Press, 2008)

Tony McCulloch, ‘The Correspondence of Arthur Murray, 3rd Viscount Elibank, 1879-1962’, British Online Archives (Microform Publishing, 2008)

Journal articles and book chapters

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