UCL Centre for Artificial Intelligence



The AI Centre has a number of resources available to support further learning and development.


Our webpage listing the books and research publications with authors based within the AI Centre can be found at: www.ucl.ac.uk/ai-centre/publications

AI Centre Seminar Series 

A number of seminars on AI topics are available on the Centre's YouTube channel. These are delivered by experts in a variety of fields pertaining to AI, within UCL's immediate and extended research community.

'15 Minute Meets' Series 

This video series introduces academics working within the AI Centre, as well as students and industry partners affiliated with the Centre. The full series is available on the Centre's YouTube channel.

Computer Vision Group

A number of video resources from our Computer Vision group are available on the following YouTube channel. 


The AI Centre has been a regular participant in activities and sessions run at CogX – an award-winning annual festival with its roots in artificial intelligence. A number of sessions run by, or featuring, members of the Centre can be viewed below. 

‘AI your Smart Coworker’: CogX Cutting Edge Stage (recorded June 2020)
Introduction and Chair – David Barber (Director - UCL AI Centre), Panellists - Emine Yilmaz (UCL AI Centre), Edward Challis (Co-Founder and CEO - re:infer), Raza Habib (UCL AI Centre and Co-Founder – Humanloop). Watch the video here. 

‘AI for Sustainable Development’: CogX Panel Session (recorded June 2020)
Chair – David Barber (Director - UCL AI Centre), Panellists – John Shawe-Taylor (UNESCO Chair in AI, Professor at UCL AI Centre), Julien Cornebise (Honorary Associate Professor, UCL), Maria Fasli (UNESCO Chair in Analytics and Data Science, Director of Institute for Analytics and Data Science, University of Essex). Watch the video here. 

‘Notes From the Semantic Frontier’: CogX 2019 (recorded June 2019)
Presentation and discussion at CogX 2019 featuring – David Barber (Director - UCL AI Centre), Libby Kinsey (Machine Learning Consultant, Digital Catapult), Zhouran Wang (CEO, Trio.ai), Ryan Welsh (Founder & CEO, Kyndi). Watch the video here.


A number of demonstration videos relating to research by Professor Jun Wang are available to watch. These are detailed below: 

Explanation Mining: Post Hoc Interpretability of Latent Factor Models for Recommendation Systems. Watch the video here.

A Many-Agent Reinforcement Learning Platform for Artificial Collective Intelligence. Watch the video here.

Bidirectionally-Coordinated Nets (BiCNet) for Playing StarCraft Combats. Watch the video here.

City Traffic Simulator. Watch the video here.

Collaborative Bots Sorting Parcels. Watch the video here.


ICML 2020 Accepted Papers, Sessions and Workshops

An overview of the AI Centre's accepted papers, sessions and workshops at ICML 2020 can be found here.

ICML 2019 Tutorial Session: A Primer on PAC-Bayesian Learning

Benjamin Guedj and John Shawe-Taylor's tutorial session 'A Primer on PAC-Bayesian Learning' (including information, slides and video links) can be found here.