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We welcome anyone external to the UCL Centre for Artificial Intelligence to collaborate with us! We have plenty of different methods by which we can collaborate with potential partners.
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Host an Internship

Industry-ready students for summer and winter internships. UCL NXI provides industry, the NHS and charities with talented computer scientists to work on cutting-edge projects outside of term time.

Seminar at the AI centre

Sponsor a Seminar Series

Seminars at the AI Centre are our lifeblood. We have multiple series' running throughout the week of varying lengths, topics, and levels of technical knowledge and whenever we can, we try to record these and share them with the public via our Youtube Channel. 

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Industry Exchange Network

Our trailblazing programme is a win-win for all: students gain customised industry experience throughout their course; companies get to fast-track innovation.


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MSc Studentships

With your help, we can provide more life-changing scholarships for talented students whose circumstances may have held them back. This option will fund a studnet for a one-year MSc programme that they otherwise may not be able to afford.


Doctoral students at graduation

PhD Studentships

The UCL Centre for Artificial Intelligence is host to the UKRI funded Centre for Doctoral Training in Foundational Artificial Intelligence. The CDT provides training and is supported by a large body of industry partners to help the UCL team create an exciting platform to launch the students’ careers as scientists or AI entrepreneurs.

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Co-Host Outreach Activities

At the AI Centre, we are committed to Inclusivity and Outreach, by partnering with organisations such as Queer in AI, Women in AI, Disabled in AI and Black in AI and hosting events for members of the public and school aged young adults.

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Direct Donations

We also accept direct donations - both financial contributions to help fund our research activities and scholarships, but also donations of equipment or other resources are greatfully recieved. 

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Connect with our staff to develop and deliver external consultancy work. Access our insights and leading-edge knowledge that will drive innovation in your organisation.

If any of these are of interest and you would like to discuss further, please do get in touch.

Email: ai@cs.ucl.ac.uk