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UCL Next-Step Experience Internships (UCL NXI)

Industry-ready students for summer and winter internships. UCL NXI provides industry, the NHS and charities with talented computer scientists to work on cutting-edge projects outside of term time.

UCL Computer Science students are among the best in the world and can work for you during their summer or winter breaks. You will:

  • Gain a fresh perspective on your IT projects and explore the latest topics in the field.
  • Access high-calibre resources for short-term projects.
  • Take on students who already have experience of working with industry during their course. 
  • Be the first to connect with top talent.
  • Help the next generation of computer scientists launch their careers.
  • Develop your own employees' leadership skills.

This programme uses the Industry Exchange Network (IXN) teaching methodology, recognised as best practice by the UK government. Pioneered at UCL in 2011, it is now deployed across nine universities. Over 20,000 students each year have work experience matched to their skills and interests. The success of the UCL IXN projects has led to demand for these paid opportunities outside term time. Thanks to the IXN programme, the interns have already gained industry experience so are well equipped to work in your organisation.

Our dedicated team works closely with our partner companies to understand their internship needs. This means we identify the most suitable candidates to work with you.  We manage the process and reduce your administration tasks.

We were delighted by the attitude and innovative spirit that the UCL students brought. They quickly integrated into the team and their work has provided us with lasting value. We're looking forward to having them return so that they can contribute further.

Richard Jarvis Chief Analytics Officer at EMIS Health

UCL NXI and Emis Case study  

 Working with UCL helps our employee experience, allowing our colleagues to contribute to a broader community and support engaging projects. It also acts as a recruitment pipeline, with our strong focus on early talent, from internships to supporting schools and universities.

Chris Lloyd-Jones Emerging Technology, Product and Engineering Lead at Avanade

UCL NXI and Avanade Case study 

The UCL NXI process

Learn about the details of the UCL NXI programme, the timelines and both your and UCL’s responsibilities. 

  • Internship durations vary by negotiation with the students. They can be from 2 to 14 weeks long.    
  • Internships take place during the summer and winter breaks.
  • You should submit an outline of your proposed internship at least six weeks before the summer or winter breaks start. However, we may be able to accept proposals after those deadlines.
  • We select candidates using the IXN teaching methodology that matches the skills required for the work with the students' interests, motivations and capabilities. We use a unique algorithm, and the input of teaching staff, to assess the students for the roles.
  • Our team are available to discuss your proposal and assess which cohort would provide the most suitable match. 
  • We then identify potential candidates. You sign an agreement with UCL before we introduce you to the students. You can then interview them. 
  • UCL NXI connects students and organisations. The contract for the internship is between you and the student.  There must be a contract in place before work begins.
  • You are responsible for managing your intern. You should provide a technical mentor who will supply a brief, authorise the use of data and methods, and provide all the infrastructure needed to support the intern. 
  • The IP and materials belong to your company unless otherwise agreed with your intern.


Please get in touch to discuss costs.

If your organisation requires multiple interns, you will be invited to join the UCL NXI programme as a Sponsoring Partner (Silver, Gold or Platinum). This will depend on the number of internships and student projects that your organisation intends to offer each year. We also take into consideration your in-kind contributions to the University and our Department.

Get involved

The UCL Computer Science Department works very closely with industry, sharing our knowledge and research in long lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships. 

You can submit an internship proposal directly or contact our Strategic Alliances Team. We also have sponsorship opportunities that enable you to invest in students' education and promote your commercial  brand.

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