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ARC helps to convene UCL’s community of computational scientists and digital research professionals.

Research Community

We are keen for ARC to be a home for research technologists at all stages of their careers, from early career researchers to established research IT professionals - the data scientists, informaticians, research software engineers, HPC systems engineers, dev-ops specialists, data engineers and data stewards - who support and collaborate in the delivery of team-based UCL research. We are continuing to build our community, so please do email arc@ucl.ac.uk if you have any ideas how we might do this or if you know of existing groups who may want to join forces with us.

  • The UCL Research Programming Hub is a long-standing community which our staff have led on developing. The Hub's aim is to bring together research groups across the college who develop software for research to promote sharing, collaboration and community support. There are many ways to get involved, both online and in person; please see the Hub web page for details. 
  • We hold monthly Technical Socials - these are informal events for anyone with an interest in the computational methods and technology behind research and innovation. They are an opportunity to get to know fellow practitioners, and to discuss and learn about useful tools and techniques which may help with your work. All are welcome, whatever your background or career stage!
  • The Research IT Community of Practice is another initiative which ARC staff are involved in. There is a Microsoft Teams site for this community of practice which you can request to join.
  • ARC's Research Computing group also contributes (along with staff from Computer Science, and potentially teams from other UCL departments) to RCNIC (the UCL Research Computing and Networking Innovation Centre), which aims to help with the adoption of new technologies across UCL’s research computing facilities.
  • The UCL eResearch domain supports and advocates for the community across UCL who perform theoretical and applied research using computational and data sciences or digital technologies, involving all faculties, including academic disciplines which do not traditionally use digital approaches, and advanced users who develop bleeding edge technologies. They have links to UCL coding communities which you can join for mutual advice and support (all abilities welcome), and maintain a list of training opportunities. The eResearch domain coordinates the Facilitating Research Compute and Data Forum which meets every 3rd Monday, from 4-5pm. In the meantime, you can join the Microsoft Teams site.