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Develop Better Research Software

Software frequently lies at the heart of research

Software is used across research cycle - from controlling equipment to collect research data to enabling visualisation of complex simulations.  Developing good research software engineering (RSE)  practices to create better software can improve the reproducibility, reusability and quality of your research.

UCL Coding Communities

  • UCL Research Programming Hub (led by ARC): brings together UCL research groups who develop software for research to promote sharing, collaboration and community support (website,  Slack).   

  • KQ Codes Technical Socials: informal monthly events for anyone with an interest in the computational methods and technology behind research and innovation in the Knowledge Quarter (website).

  • Institute of Health Informatics code club open to all, online monthly meetings via MS Teams. Further details are available on Github and @UCL_CodeClub. UCL Code Club recordings are available on streams.

  • Institute of Child Health code club - open to all, online monthly meetings via MS Teams. Further details are available on GitHub and @UCL_CodeClub.

  • BioImage Analysis Interest Group (MRC LMCB & RITS) Meetings are held every last Friday of the month at 1pm on Zoom. The group creates an informal space where people can network and discuss bioimage analysis tools and challenges (Slack channel, website).

  • UCL R user group (websitetwitter) is a friendly group for R users to meet, hear a talk and discuss R questions.  It is open to all R users across all faculties. We aim to have a variety of talks to benefit beginners and more advanced R users. They meet at 1pm every 4th Thursday, to join email Ellen Webborn 

  • UCL Python Data Working Group (Teams, intro presentation) open to researchers and professional service staff. It has regular meetings and study groups. This group is part of the Data and Insights Communities of Practice, and aims to focus on the application of Python in relation to automation, data engineering/pipelines/ETL, data analytics, data visualisation, and machine learning applications.

  • Jill Dando Institute Open (GitHub, @JDI_Open) bi-weekly seminars for UCL Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science students and staff at the department to learn about open science and discuss ideas to implement open science practices in their research. 

  • sktime developer community (user guide and tutorials, GitHub, @sktime_toolbox). Led by Markus Löning and Dr Franz Kiraly (UCL Statistics, Turing Fellow). This is an open-source Python toolbox for machine learning with time series data.including: Forecasting, Time series classification, Time series regression.

eResearch Domain activities 

2021 UCL Festival of Code & Hacking the climate - cutting-edge analysis and visualisation

2020 Supported the launch of Institute of Child Health Code Club

2019 Lunch n Learn: Best Practice in Research Software Engineering

2019 Research Software Engineers for the Future: Careers Panel @RSEConUK 2019 (with the Software Sustainability Institute and SES)

2016 Software Entrepreneurship Workshop

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External RSE Communities 


Research Software London: a regional community for researchers in London and the South East who write or use scientific software or want to improve their technical computing skills and knowledge.

Institute of Software Sustainability: helps people build better software, and we work with researchers, developers, funders and infrastructure providers to identify key issues and best practice in scientific software.

Society of Research Software Engineering: works to increase software skills across everyone in research, to promote collaboration between researchers and software experts, and to support the creation of an academic career path for Research Software Engineers.