UCL Research Domains


Training Opportunities

UCL offers a variety of opportunities to develop your skills and we have signposted some of the key ones below.



Practical, hands-on training for a variety of IT skills related to research including high performance computing (HPC), research software engineering and programming.

Digital Skills Development

Developing the digital skills of both staff and students. We offer training in areas such as data analysis, Office 365, programming, desktop applications, and more. 

Expert led and up to date short courses in subjects including Radar Systems, IP Networks, Mobile Communications Systems, Machine Learning and Telecommunications Business.

Programming Historian

Novice-friendly, peer-reviewed tutorials that help humanists learn a wide range of digital tools, techniques, and workflows to facilitate research and teaching.

UCL is committed to maintaining the integrity and probity of academic research.

UCL CBT Introductory Blockchain Online Course with Future Learn

Our new introductory course with Future Learn is live. This online course spans four weeks and you study at your own pace and is completely free to take!

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Research Data Mangement

Training covers the decisions made during the research data lifecycle to handle the outputs of your research

Moodle Course: Research Data Management and FAIR Data

Courses cover a wide range of in-demand skills—cloud computing, full-stack web development, DevOps, networking, cybersecurity, data science, AI, and more.

This programme enables healthcare professionals to effectively use computer programming and data science to complement their existing research.

It covers a wide range of basic and applied health research applications in this rapidly developing field. The courses include training on tools and techniques for assembling and interrogating large linked EHR dataset. 

All members of UCL who manage highly confidential information are expected to undertake annual training on handling highly confidential information.

Short courses in research methods and statistical analyses, including R, SPSS and Stata software. 


Systems Training in Maths, Informatics, Statistics and Computational Biology for the bioscience community to develop your maths and computing skills & support effective interdisciplinary research and collaboration.


A portfolio of events on technical training to support translational research including data managment for translational research.

Researcher Development

UCL is committed to supporting the professional and career development of researchers and doctoral students, to enable them to make the most of their potential and to help ensure the ongoing creation of excellent research outcomes at UCL and beyond.

Digital learning resource library, online trainings and events to enable both staff and students to, learn, innovate and be inspired.