Academic Manual


Archive of regulations and annexes for 2013-14.



Academic Manual Archive 2013-14

Regulations 2013-14

Annexes 2013-14

All annexes available on request from Academic Services: academic.services@ucl.ac.uk)

01 APL Guidance and Procedure

02 APL Application Form

04 MAPS Faculty Undergraduate Programme Variations

06 Biomedical Sciences Variations Main Regulations

07 Engineering Science Variations Main Regulations

08 Social and Historical Sciences Variations Main Regulations 

09 Speech Science Variations Main Regulations 

10 Interruption of Study 

11 Field of Study 

12 Structure of UCL HE Level 6 Graduate Certificates and Diplomas 

13 Extenuating Circumstances Policy 

14 Student Notification of Extenuating Circumstances 

15 Tutor Notification of Extenuating Circumstances 

16 Regulations and Guidelines for Summative Online Tests 

17 PG Diploma Exit

18 Regulations and Guidelines for Summative E-assessment 

20 Use of Oral Examinations 

21 UCL Assessment Strategy

24 LLM Schemes of Award (from September 2012 onwards) 

25 IBSc Scheme of Award 

26 Service Standards for Feedback on Assessed Work

27 Release of Provisional Marks 

30 Affiliate Students

31 PBIS Regulations  

32 MBBS Regulations

33 Special Aegrotat Provisions

34 Deferring Assessments 

35 Special Assessment Arrangements 

37 Guidelines for Chairs of Boards of Examiners 

38 Guidelines and Proforma Report for Faculty Representatives at Departmental Board of Examiners Meetings 

39 Comprehensive Moderation of Marking 

40 Flow Chart Summarising Departmental Actions in New Plagiarism Collusion Falsification Procedure 

41 Report of a Breach of the Examination Regulations 

42 Plagiarism 

43 Advice on Procedures in the Event of an Emergency Affecting the     Work of Boards of Examiners 

45 Proforma for Report of Chair of Faculty Board of Examiners Meetings 

46 UCL Special Cases Panel 

47 Award of Merits for Masters Programmes (MSc and MRes), and revised criteria for borderline decisions 

48 External Examiner Feedback 

49 Criteria for the Consideration of Undergraduate Borderline Cases 

51 Procedures When Marks are Missing