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Delivering excellent systems: review of progress

Our aspiration is to have agile, efficient and effective processes that are simple to use and that deliver the right results first time, limiting the burdens of administration on our staff.

Case study: Introduction of CMIS Go

students listening to lecturer
The process of timetabling and booking rooms for teaching and meeting has been made significantly easier with the introduction, in August 2018, of CMIS Go. 

CMIS Go is an interface to CMIS – UCL's timetabling and central room booking software – which has replaced the former web-based booking interface. The new system is much improved, with a user-friendly and intuitive system that requires six simple steps in order to secure a room. The availability of space is displayed in real time, and when a request is made the space is provisionally reserved – which means no more clashes in booking requests. Confirmation of bookings is also sent much more quickly. 

The system is currently being rolled out to departments, with around 80% already onboard. This new and consistent approach, using a single system, provides improved visibility of usage of the bookable estate. It also provides both staff and students with a single, integrated timetable for all of their taught classes, wherever they are taking place.

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