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Giving our students the best support: review of progress

The primary determinant of a truly exceptional student experience is the quality of the interaction between academic staff and students.

Case study: Accommodation welcome programme

Students enjoying UCL move in weekend
Each September, UCL Accommodation welcomes just over 7,000 new students from across the world. Most leave their home, friends, and family to study in an unfamiliar city to come to a busy, intimidating, international capital – so it’s vital that every single student feels at home at UCL.

New students can face challenges, such as: wellbeing; making friends; feeling part of a community; staying safe; overcoming social isolation and loneliness. With this in mind, we set out to create a welcome programme that fostered a sense of belonging. Working in conjunction with our students and mapping their welcome journey, we strove to find out exactly what mattered most to our students.

We are proud to say that the UCL Accommodation welcome programme has been designed by students for students. The programme includes more than 140 student ambassadors who support our Student Resident Assistant (SRA) teams and site teams to deliver a unique and fit for purpose welcome experience for our students that is consistent across all of our 26 Halls of Residence.

The programme lasts for two weeks and includes online and social media content, printed content and activities in Halls to help students settle into their new homes.

Since the introduction of the UCL Accommodation welcome programme in 2016, there has been an increase in arrival satisfaction amongst residents, which currently sits at a record of 93%.

Setting our standards in conjunction with our students, we will continue to evolve the programme to best meet the changing needs of our students in line with key enabler one of the UCL 2034 strategy.

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