Outreach and Podcast

Outreach is a key part of the MSSL mission, explaining to the public the work we do in science and instrumentation, as well as why we do it.

Our scientists and engineers are always excited to talk about their work and MSSL. Every year, our staff and students typically interact directly with almost 30,000 members of the public of all ages, through various events including primary & secondary school visits, public talks, and exhibitions. These events have covered aspects of astronomy and solar system science, missions, careers, and space history.

Articles in the Conversation on these topics have engaged over 800,000 readers worldwide. Several staff members have also reached audiences of millions on similar topics through television, radio, and print media.

We are always very happy to consider requests for talks and visits as time allows. We unfortunately cannot currently host visits to the laboratory as it is a busy working environment. Do follow the MSSL Twitter feed for news on when someone from the laboratory is speaking at an event, and do feel free to contact us via direct message on Twitter to enquire about visits by MSSL staff and students. We apologize in advance that we cannot respond positively to every request.


Dr Geraint Jones is currently funded as an STFC Public Engagement Fellow to produce cartoons to explain concepts in space and astronomy. Visit astrojots.com to download the free strips!  

The MSSL Podcast - Thinking Space

Our podcast, Thinking Space, reports on the exciting engineering and research work carried out here at MSSL. You can subscribe to the podcast through many services, including iTunes, TuneIn, PocketCasts, and Stitcher. We have a dedicated page on Soundcloud. You can also download or play each individual episode through the players below.

Thinking Space also has its own Twitter account, @ThinkSpaceChat .

Episode 2 - The Solar Orbiter Mission

Episode 1 - The Gaia Mission

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