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We offer two routes through our MSc Management course:

  • Route A is designed for students who have not previously studied business and management.
  • Route B is for candidates who already have an undergraduate degree in business and management, or for those who have studied Accounting and Finance at undergraduate level.

Route B is flexible in order to enable students to focus on the disciplines they did not study at undergraduate level.

Candidates are automatically directed down route A or B based on the details they give in their application and their prior studies.

Route A:
Term 1 Term 2
MSING015 Business Strategy
MSING014B Decision Risk Analysis
MSING022 Organisational Behaviour MSING019 Business Economics
MSING036 Accounting & Financial Management (two modules)
MSING020 Markets and Customers

One of the following :

  MSING032 Global Corporate Social Responsibility
BENVGED8 Business Sustainability
MSING021 Leadership and Communication
MSINGM99 Global Research Project - Running throughout the academic year
Route B:
Term 1 Term 2
MSING025 Corporate Strategy
MSING014B Decision and Risk Analysis
MSING027 Corporate Finance MSING020 Markets and Customers
One of the following:
MSING022B Organisational Behaviour  
MSING032 Global Corporate Social Responsibility  
MSING033 International Financial Reporting  
Choose one pathway:
Pathway 1 - Finance
MSING028 Investment Management
MSING035 Mergers and IPOs
  MSING034 International Capital Markets
Pathway 2 - Leadership
MSING026 Creativity and Critical Thinking MSING021 Leadership and Communication
  MSING024 Influence and Negotiations
Pathway 3 - Technology Management
MSING713 Innovation Practices MSING009 Managing High-Technology Organisations
  MSING031 Project Management

MSINGM99 Global Research Project - Running throughout the year

Global Research Project

MSc Management students carry out a consultancy project in a small team. Many
students have enjoyed the consulting project more than any other part of their
MSc Management degree.

The project involves a period of consultancy work carried out by a team of students for a client company. For example, students may be asked to design a new fund for an investment firm or help an entrepreneur to bring a new product to the market.

Most clients are small enterprises, allowing students direct access to company owners and letting them gain a holistic understanding of how businesses are run. Consultancy teams may include students from London Business School via the HELO project.


In addition to academic subjects, students have the opportunity to attend
a series of innovative and interactive workshops aimed at improving their
management and leadership skills:

Effective Presentation Skills

Effective public speaking is a skill that is highly valued by employers. In this workshop, students prepare and make brief presentations which are filmed and discussed in
small groups.

Leadership Presence through Theatre

In this workshop students will be introduced to dramatic techniques that will allow
them to embody leadership in order to help them inspire others. Workshops will be
conducted by a theatre professional and will take place in a London theatre.

Mindfulness and Leadership

In this workshop students will be given the opportunity to experience mindfulness
directly through various practical exercises. The purpose is to improve students'
self-awareness and control in order to enhance their leadership skill.

International Summer Schools

Students will have the opportunity to spend two weeks attending workshops
and seminars in a university abroad. Partner schools include HEC Paris and
Tsinghua University in Beijing.

Course dates

Full-time (one year):

22 September 2014 to 21 September 2015

Part-time (two years):

Part-time students are expected to attend lectures two or three times a week. Lectures usually take place either in the morning (10:00-13:00) or afternoon (14:00-17:00). There are no evening or weekend lectures.