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New paint makes tough self-cleaning surfaces

New paint makes tough self cleaning surfaces

A new paint that makes robust self-cleaning surfaces has been developed by a team led by UCL researchers. The coating can be applied to clothes, paper, glass and steel and when combined with adhesives, maintains its self-cleaning properties after being wiped, scratched with a knife and scuffed with sandpaper.

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Video: Robust super hydrophobic and self-cleaning coatings (Credit: UCL MAPS)

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Nepal quake kills more than 1,800 and spreads terror on Everest

Commenting on the Nepal earthquake, Dr Ilan Kelman (UCL Institute for Risk & Disaster Reduction) says: “The earthquake is the nightmare scenario which we have long discussed and wondered if we could make major improvements before a catastrophe occurred”. Read: Guardian More...

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What kind of society do we want: getting the balance right

Laissez-faire is part of “the air we still breathe”, wrote John Maynard Keynes in 1926. “We do not dance even yet to a new tune.” Conservative individualism of 18th-century luminaries such as David Hume, conveniently underpinned by the supposed free market economics of Adam Smith, led to the view that enlightened self-interest operates in the public interest. Hence, leave things to the market, writes Professor Michael Marmot (UCL Epidemiology & Public Health) in The Lancet.