Excellence in Medical Education Awards

Excellence in Medical Education Awards 2015-16

The awards are open to anyone involved in undergraduate education and aim to provide a tangible means of recognition of exceptional contribution to education in any year of the MBBS programme.

Please note: the application window for the 2015-16 EMEAS is now closed

Introduction to Excellence in Medical Education Awards

As an organisation committed to teaching and learning, the Medical School wishes to identify and reward those making an outstanding commitment to students and their education. These awards are open to anyone involved in undergraduate medical education.  Their purpose is to provide a tangible means of recognition of exceptional contribution to medical education.

Who Can Apply?

*Applicants must be involved in the education of undergraduates on the MBBS programme including:

  • Any member of academic or administrative staff who is an employee of the College
  • Clinicians or administrators based at a NHS site (community or hospital)
  • Teams working together to provide teaching
  • Members of support staff involved in the facilitation of student learning

*Please note that if you have won an EMEA in the last three years you will need to show significant development in the field, OR be clear that the application is on the basis of clearly distinct work.

Method of Application

  • EMEA Application Form 2015-16
  • EMEA Guidance Notes 2015-16

This is a statement prepared by the applicant(s) or nominator. It is organised under headings with reference to the criteria set out in the Guidance Notes. Applicants will need to provide examples of evidence to illustrate how their practice meets these.

  • Sections 1, 2 & 3 must be completed.
  • Team applications must include a description of how each member contributes to the Team's educationally excellent activities.
  • It is not essential to excel in all areas to be considered for an EMEA.
  • Additional relevant supporting materials may be attached.
  • Referee section should be completed by the candidate’s Head of Department, Division or Institute, the Undergraduate Tutor (in the case of a DGH) or other appropriate teaching lead or senior colleague must countersign part of the form.

Making a Case for an Excellence in Medical Education Award (EMEA)

Those making applications are asked to make a claim under the key aspects of teaching and the support of student learning listed in the Application Guidance Notes. The case may focus on outstanding achievement in only two or three key areas or on a broader range of activities. There is no specific time frame for your activities or examples, however they should be relevant to current teaching.

Selection Process & Criteria

A sub-group of mQMEC will assess all applications on the quality of evidence, as judged against the claims in the application statement, recognising specialist requirements of the discipline, with reference to the criteria in the Application Guidance Notes.

The decision of mQMEC sub-group will be announced in May. The decision is final and there is no right of appeal.

Award Winners

The names of winners of Awards will be reported to mQMEC and the MBBS Teaching Committee (MBBS TC). Winners will be notified following a selection process and awards will be presented to successful candidates at the UCLMS MBBS degree ceremony.


Enquiries about any aspect of the EMEAs should be addressed to Lauren Hammond - lauren.hammond@ucl.ac.uk, 020 7679 0849 (Quality Assurance Unit).

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