UCL Medical School



Unitu is an online platform that enables students to voice their opinions about the MBBS programme as ideas, questions, issues or praise

What is Unitu?

Once students have activated their Unitu account, they can continue to use it throughout their 6 years at Medical School. New students will be invited to activate their accounts on joining the programme.

Feedback posts are moderated by the student reps and appropriate posts are escalated to relevant staff members for action. Students can track, in real time, how staff have acted on their feedback and any changes made as a result.

Unitu should complement, rather than replace, other means of student feedback and may not always be the most appropriate place to raise an issue. In order to help students decide where their feedback will be most effectively addressed, the RUMS reps have developed a flowchart.

Community Guidelines

In order to ensure that Unitu is a safe and comfortable environment for both staff and students to use, the RUMS reps have developed some Community Guidelines.

By using Unitu, students are implicitly agreeing to abide by these guidelines and any breaches may result in posts/comments being deleted and, ultimately, students' anonymity being removed or their accounts being deleted.