Incident Report Form

To report an incident please complete an Incident Report Form. Please be assured that this a confidential process which will only be considered by the Raising Concerns Working Group.

This system allows you to submit details of an incident or matter of serious concern that you have witnessed or been involved in, by virtue of being a UCL MBBS student. As well as using this reporting system, we would encourage you to discuss the incident concerned with a trusted colleague or member of staff.

As with all concerns raised by students to the Medical School, submissions through the Raising Concerns portal will be treated in strictest confidence.  In order for UCLMS to be able to take specific action and to conduct a full investigation, and to enable a resolution into any concern raised we need you to provide your name. Without a name being provided we are unable to investigate these concerns and take any action.  Each case will remain confidential and your name will NOT be disclosed to the individual(s) against whom the concern has been brought.

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