Monitoring Activities

The General Medical Council has the statutory responsibility to set standards for basic medical education and to ensure that these standards are met.

Each year the GMC asks the School to complete a Medical School Annual Return (MSAR) to feed in to their Quality Assurance of Basic Medical Education (QABME) processes.

In 2012-13, as well as providing the MSAR, UCLMS was part of the GMC's regional review of London. The visit took place in November 2012 and the final reports are published below. Several areas of good practice were identified and no serious concerns were reported.

During 2013, UCLMS also participated in the GMC's audit of undergraduate assessment at all UK medical schools. A return was submitted as part of the review process.

2014-2015 MSAR

 2013-2014 MSAR

2012-2013 MSAR

*Please note that no outstanding actions were reported in Section B 

2011-2012 MSAR

For the 2011-12 academic session, the GMC has asked the Medical School to complete a Medical School Annual Return (MSAR). The deadline for submission of the 2011-12 MSAR to GMC was the 1st December 2011.

Please find below the 2011-12 UCL Medical School MSAR Submission;

2010-2011 EAR

Since 2009-2010, the GMC has asked the Medical School to complete an Enhanced Annual Return (EAR).

2009-2010 EAR

Previous GMC Annual Returns on Policies and Responses

The Annual Monitoring Report was introduced in 2006-7 by the College QMEC to assist in the preparation for the IQR. It is completed by all UCL academic departments and the year before a department is due to have an IQR it will complete an Augmented AMR.

Annual Monitoring Exercise 2014-15

It is a UCL requirement for each programme to produce an Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) as a means for College to monitor and enhance the quality of teaching and learning. Each report gives an account of issues from the previous academic year. For 2014-15, the MBBS programme underwent an Augmented Annual Monitoring process

Past AMR Reports

The Internal Quality Review (IQR) is UCL's central academic quality management and enhancement process and includes all academic departments of UCL.

The Medical School iunderwent an IQR in 2010. The full timetable of the process can be found below, along with the School's Self-Evaluative Statement and a glossary of terms:

The Service Increment For Teaching (SIFT) is a funding stream provided by the Health Authority to all NHS Trusts involved in undergraduate medical education. NHS London requires the Medical School to provide an annual report covering all financial and quality processes relating to SIFT funding. These reports can be seen below.

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