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24/7 library opening from 25 March

Published: Mar 15, 2017 3:02:00 PM

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Science Library ground floor refurbishment complete

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South Wing

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UCL Laptop Loans for Students

About the service

The Laptop Loans for Students service provides a short term loan of a laptop to UCL students from the following UCL Library Services sites:

When utilising the service, the user accepts the following terms of use:

Loan Duration

The Laptops may be borrowed from the self-service cabinets Monday-Friday between 08:00 and 20:00. Laptops must be returned by 22:00 on the day of loan, or the time the library closes, whichever is earlier.


Fines for late returns are charged at a rate of £5 per hour or part of an hour.


Laptops cannot be renewed remotely and have to be taken back to the library in order to borrow them again.

Saving files

Laptops are set to reset themselves upon lid closure or shut down. The user is responsible for saving and backing up all work to their N: Drive or other external storage. Once the laptop has been turned off, unfortunately it is not possible to retrieve anything from the previous session.

Laptop loan declaration

Each time you borrow a laptop, you will be asked to agree to the following:

  • I will return the laptop by the due time/date to the library from which it was borrowed, and if necessary report any damage to the Library/Service Desk.
  • I understand that fines are payable for the late return of the laptop at a rate of £5 per hour, or part thereof.
  • I understand that this laptop is for my personal use only, and I will not borrow it on behalf of a friend or colleague, or use it for work which is not educational or personal in nature.
  • I will only save files to a removable memory device, or online cloud storage and understand that any files saved elsewhere on the laptop will be erased automatically when the laptop is shutdown or re-booted.
  • I understand that no third party software can be downloaded or installed onto this laptop.
  • UCL is not responsible for any damage to the borrower’s data storage device(s), loss of data caused by software, hardware, battery failure or computer viruses.
  • I understand that if the laptop is lost, stolen or damaged in my care, I am liable to pay replacement costs in the region of £700.

Contact us

For any queries or feedback about the laptop loans service, please submit a RemedyForce ticket.

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