UCL Institute of Ophthalmology


Academic Staff

Name (Links to IRIS)
Job title
Prof Robin Ali Professor of Human Molecular Genetics
Dr Maryse Bailly Reader in Cell Biology
Prof James Bainbridge Chair of Retinal Studies
Prof Maria Balda Professor in Cell Biology
Prof Shomi Bhattacharya Sembal Professor of Experimental Ophthalmology
Dr Virginia Calder Senior Lecturer
Prof Matteo Carandini Glaxo Smith Kline Chair
Dr Amanda Carr Research Fellow
Prof Mike Cheetham Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology
Prof Pete Coffey Professor of Visual Psychophysics
Professor Francesca Cordeiro Professor of Retinal Neurodegeneration and Glaucoma Studies
Prof Chris Dainty Professorial Research Associate
Prof Julie Daniels Professor of Regenerative Medicine and Cellular Therapy
Prof Andrew Dick
Duke Elder Chair & Director of Joint Research for UCL/MEH
Prof Fred Fitzke Professor of Visual Optics and Psychophysics
Prof Paul Foster Professor of Ophthalmic Epidemiology & Galucoma Studies
Dr Marcus Fruttiger Reader of Experimental Ophthalmology
Prof Clare Futter Professor of Cell Biology
Prof Ted Garway-Heath IGA Professor of Ophthalmology for Glaucoma & Allied Studies
Mr Gus Gazzard Reader in Glaucoma Studies
Prof John Greenwood Davson Professor of Biomedical Research
Prof Alison Hardcastle Professor of Molecular Genetics
Prof Glen Jeffery Professor of Neuroscience
Professor Sir Peng Khaw Professor of Glaucoma Studies and Wound Healing
Dr Imre Lengyel Senior Research Fellow
Dr Tim Levine Clinical Lecturer
Prof Susan Lightman Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology
Prof Astrid Limb Professor of Retinal Biology and Therapeutics
Prof Philip Luthert Professor of Pathology
Prof John Marshall Frost Professor of Ophthalmology
Prof Karl Matter Professor of Cell Biology
Prof Michel Michaelides Professor of Ophthalmology
Prof Tony Moore
Clinical Professorial Research Associate
Dr Mariya Moosajee
Specialty Trainee (Clinical Lecturer)
Prof Stephen Moss Ashton Professor of Biomedical Research
Mr Ian Murdoch Clinical Senior Lecturer (with honorary consultant status)
Prof Shin-Ichi Ohnuma Professor
Dr Rachael Pearson Reader in Developmental Neuroscience
Prof Gary Rubin Helen Keller Professor of Visual Function and Rehabilitation
Prof Christiana Ruhrberg Professor of Neuronal and Vascular Biology
Dr Mandeep Sagoo Senior Clinical Lecturer
Prof Jose Sahel Holder of the Cumberledge Chair
Prof Dave Shima Rothes Professor of Preventive Ophthalmology
Dr Alex Shortt Wellcome Intermediate Clinical Fellowship
Prof Adam Sillito Professor of Visual Science
Prof Andrew Stockman Steers Professor of Investigative Eye Research
Prof Adnan Tufail Professor of Ophthalmology
Dr Patric Turowski Senior Lecturer
Dr Jacqui van der Spuy Lecturer
Dr Anthony Vugler Lecturer in Retinal Neurobiology
Prof Andrew Webster Professor of Molecular Ophthalmology