As an history undergraduate at UCL you’ll have access to a department of historians all working at the cutting edge of their fields. Everyone teaches, and everyone wants to teach you. All of your seminars will be in groups of 15 or fewer (10 or fewer in your final year special subject classes). And every single piece of work you do for us (exams included) will be given back to you in a one-to-one tutorial with the person who taught you: the tutorial system is alive and well and living at UCL! Not all history departments can make these two promises.

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Nick Leah

"First and foremost, there is no need to worry about anything. Whilst the move from A-level history to university level is a markedly large one, the UCL History Department has implemented significant changes to its core curriculum in order to assist students in this transition. In your first year at UCL, you will study courses entitled ‘Writing History’ and ‘Making History.’ Writing History will not only nurture the articulation of your ideas on paper but also give you the capacity to think critically about your own writing. I particularly enjoyed Making History as I worked with a group of my friends on the relationship between religion and politics in medieval London. Making History will get you out of the department to explore some of most interesting historical sources and artefacts that London has to offer. In other words, at UCL you will not just be ‘reading history’ but you will also be ‘doing history’."

Nick Leah, History BA (2nd Year)

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