History MPhil/PhD Funding

General funding information

The main sources of funding for postgraduate research are as follows:
  • Arts and Humanities Research Council studentships (deadline 5 January 2018)
  • Economic and Social Research Council studentships (deadline 5 January 2018)
  • Graduate Research Scholarships (deadline 5 January 2018)
  • History Department Studentships (deadline 31 July 2018)

If you wish to be considered for any of the funding schemes listed here, you must have submitted your admissions application by 5 January 2018. Please also complete a departmental funding form with information on all funds you wish to be considered for and return it, by email, to the Graduate Programmes Administrator (j.hindes@ucl.ac.uk). This form does not replace your admissions application.

The only way to ensure that you have exhausted all funding possibilities for your PhD is to go through the pages linked here, checking what’s available, what the application process is and whether or not you are eligible to apply. The department cannot give personal funding advice to applicants.

Download the departmental funding form (docx)

Please note: Your chances of success both in your application and in obtaining funding will be much diminished if you have not discussed your research plans in detail with your prospective supervisor, at least by correspondence and in person if possible, as the supervisor may have to write references for you as part of your particular funding applications. It is in your interest to make contact with your potential supervisor as soon as possible. 

Part-time study: All grants and scholarships are competitive, and increasing numbers of students now study without a grant, by means of working part-time to earn money. It is usually not difficult to change registration from part-time to full-time, so that you can create some flexibility in how much time you can dedicate to your research at different stages of the degree. For advice, please contact the Graduate Tutor, Dr Thom Rath.

Arts and Humanities Research Council studentships (AHRC)

UCL (alongside the School of Advanced Study and King's College London) is a participant in the London Arts and Humanities Partnership (LAHP). LAHP offers approximately 80 postgraduate studentships per year across the three institutions and a wide range of arts and humanities subjects. They are typically awarded to applicants with excellent academic track records and strong research proposals. Only UK and EU students are eligible to apply.

Application process

The application process has two parts:

1. UCL Admissions application

The admissions application deadline is 5 January 2018 (the date by which your online UCL application for admission must be recorded as received by the College Admissions Office). You can access the UCL graduate admissions information. In order to be considered for AHRC funding, applicants must tick the relevant box on the UCL application to indicate they wish to be put forward for this funding (alongside any other funds they are applying for).

2. LAHP application form

Applicants must also apply online through the LAHP. The LAHP application portal opens on 27 November 2017. It closes at midnight on 21 January 2017. If you have any queries, please contact the History Department’s Graduate Programmes Administrator.

Economic and Social Research Council studentships (ESRC)

The ESRC supports historical research that seeks to understand the development of social and economic arrangements over time and applies social and economic theories. Research focusing on contemporary or near-contemporary social, political, economic or geographical themes should normally be directed to the ESRC. From 2017, ESRC funding will be channelled through the UCL, Bloomsbury and East London Doctoral Training Partnership (UBEL-DTP). UCL History is represented in the ‘economic and social history pathway’ alongside Birkbeck College, the Institute of the Americas and the University of East London. The pathway committee will recommend a select group of applications for consideration by the UBEL-DTP. Studentships comprise full-time fees (UK/EU) and maintenance.

Application process

The application process has two parts: 

1. UCL Admissions application

The application deadline is 5 January 2018 (the date by which your online UCL application for admission must be recorded as received by the College Admissions Office). Note: applications must include full information on qualifications and residential eligibility. Applicants must also arrange for proposed supervisors to send a supporting note to the graduate tutor, Dr Thom Rath.

2. By Friday 19 January 2018 the pathway committee will inform those candidates who have been shortlisted. Shortlisted candidates must then ensure they complete an application to the UBEL-DTP by 28 February 2018

If you have any queries, please contact the History Department’s Graduate Programmes Administrator.

Graduate Research Scholarships (GRS)/Overseas Research Scholarships (ORS)

UCL Graduate Research Scholarships aim to attract high-quality students to undertake research at UCL. Up to 20 UCL Graduate Research Scholarships (GRS) are available annually to prospective and current UCL research students from any country. Applicants will be considered for a UCL GRS, and overseas fee payers will also be considered for the UCL Overseas Research Scholarships (ORS).

Deadline: 5 January 2018 

Please submit your whole application to the History Department’s Graduate Programmes Administrator by the aforementioned deadline.

Wolfson Scholarships

This year there will be 4 Wolfson Scholarships available for doctoral research in history, literature and languages. Applicants wishing to be considered for one of these scholarships should submit their applications by 5 January 2018 and should contact the Graduate Tutor (t.rath@ucl.ac.uk) to inform him of their intention to apply for the scholarship. You can read more about the scholarships and the criteria by which they are awarded at the UCL SHS webpages.

History Department Studentships

The Richard Chattaway Scholarship

The Richard Chattaway Scholarship is awarded annually and pays £2000 towards postgraduate work (MPhil/PhD or MA) on the history of warfare in the modern period (preferably after 1870). Applicants should send an outline of their research, a CV and the names and contact details of two referees to the History Department’s Graduate Programmes Administrator

Deadline: 31 July 2017

Collaborative doctoral awards

Dr Williams's Library (French history)

Applications are invited for a collaborative doctoral award PhD studentship, to be undertaken at Dr Williams's Library and LAHP to work on French material in the Dr Williams's Library collection. Supervisors will be drawn as appropriate from the Departments of French of the LAHP consortium (King's College London, the School of Advanced Study and University College London); secondary supervision may be appropriate from History of the Book specialists. The deadline for applications is 15 December 2017Find out more at the job advertisement page.

External studentships

Wellcome Trust

The Wellcome Trust offers a number of PhD scholarships to candidates working on topics related to medicine and health. Funding applications are made directly to the Trust, with a deadline of 29 March 2018. If you wish to apply for Wellcome funding you will need to be holding an offer from your chosen institution by this date. You can read more about the Wellcome funding scheme here.