Cardiovascular Gene Annotation


The Cardiovascular Gene Annotation project is focused on GO annotation of cardiovascular-relevant microRNAs and proteins and the capture of protein-protein interactions to IMEx standards. To find out more about the heart and cardiovascular system, please see the British Heart Foundation website.

Annotations contributed by this project to the GO Consortium dataset and the IMEx dataset are attributed to BHF-UCL.

The BHF-funded GO annotations have facilitated the detailed and high-quality annotation of cardiovascular-relevant genes, the impact of which is demonstrated in Alam-Faruque, 2011.

What we curate



Protein-Protein Interactions

We contribute Gene Ontology annotations for proteins to the GO Consortium.

We have prioritised 4,000 cardiovascular-associated proteins for curation: 

Example of curated protein: human APOA4.

We contribute Gene Ontology annotations for microRNAs to the GO Consortium.

The prioritisation of microRNAs for curation is ongoing but we first intend to focus on miRNAs that are in clinical trial for disease prevention.

We contribute protein interaction data to the IMEx Consortium.

Our priority is to curate protein interactions involving the 4,000 cardiovascular-associated proteins we have prioritised for GO annotation.

Example of curated protein interaction: GSK3B-APC-Beta catenin.


You can contribute by

  • reviewing the annotation of your favourite gene and telling us what's missing or inaccurate (or tell us if we've done a good job!)
  • suggesting papers for curation
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