Medical and Social Statistics - Members

Stephanie Black
Analysis of longitudinal data
Gita Mishra
Ways of handling missing data; analysis of data from family based studies eg intergenerational twins; and sibling studies
David Boniface
Multi-level models; analysis of differences of shapes between distributions; conceptualis-ing analysis of variance for non-orthogonal designs.
Anne Peasey
Analysis of longitudinal and survey data; missing data
Emanuela Falaschetti
Analysis of survey data; multiple regression; multilevel models; non-linear models.
Nicola Shelton
Geographical analysis; life expectancy & life tables
Rebecca Hardy
Lifecourse epidemiology
Analysis of longitudinal data
Multilevel modelling
Meta analysis
Martin Shipley
Longitudinal data analysis; survival analysis.
Jenny Head
Longitudinal data analysis; survival analysis; dose-response relationships; multilevel models; clinical trials; missing data.
Mai Stafford
Multi-level models; longitudinal data analysis.

Faiza Tabassum
Longitudinal data analysis; growth curve models; model based imputation of missing values.
Hynek Pikhart
Analysis of longitudinal data; missing data.
Paola Zaninotto
Analysis of longitudinal and survey data; multilevel models; structural equation models

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