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2012 Seminar Series

Title: ‘The combined association of psychological distress and socio-economic status with mortality from stroke, coronary heart disease, and from all causes: a national cohort study’.

Speaker: Dr Antonio Lazzarino

Date & Time: Friday 9th November 1pm-2pm

Venue: G37 & G38


Both psychological distress and low socio-economic status are recognized as key risk factors for cardiovascular disease and have importance for public health and clinical practice. Understanding the interaction between socio-economic status and mental health is crucial for the provision of health care and focused interventions. Previous studies have been limited by small sample sizes and insufficient health events, in addition to non-representative samples.

This PhD will utilise Health Survey for England data from 66,500 randomly-selected people followed up for eight years. My preliminary findings show that psychological distress and socio-economic status interact with each other: the effect of psychological distress on mortality from stroke, coronary heart disease, and from all causes is far stronger in lower than higher socio-economic status groups. Low socio-economic status amplifies the detrimental effect of psychological distress on health. 

Antonio Lazzarino is a medical doctor with a research focus on health inequalities. He joined UCL in 2011 as a Clinical Research Associate and is mainly interested in exploring the association between psychological distress and cardiovascular disease. Prof. Andrew Steptoe and Dr Mark Hamer are his PhD supervisors.

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